Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Roti Prata/Roti Canai!

In modern Singapore, Roti Prata had become a dish that not only attracts indians but also people of other races even foreigners. This had become a popular dish for people who are craves for a bite in the middle of the night or even breakfast. In some places, you can actually see "live performances" by the prata man in which they show you the process of making prata. There are a variety of curry to choose from, like chicken, mutton, and fish. Roti Prata has also added more variety to itself, there are cheese prata, chocolate prata, egg, and many more.

We tried to make the Prata on our own after just looking at how others did it. We had no clue what to do and we merely took the ingredients we needed and headed down to one of our group member's house for a trial of Prata making! Please enjoy and dont mind the clumsy-ness!

 Our second prata!
 Our final Egg Prata!
We had fun making the prata as you can see from our faces.


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