Sunday, November 21, 2010


We tasted the chicken rice at maxwell food centre. It costs $3 for a plate of roasted chicken rice with soup included. The price was acceptable, as most places sell a plate chicken rice around the same price. The queue at the stall was not too bad due to that it was not peak hour. the stall owner was seen happily chatting with some of the customers, i suppose this is his way of retaining customers. The chicken rice was pretty nice and so was the soup. The chilli wasn't that spicy, which might be suitable for Caucasian tourists if they can't take spicy food. We are busy ordering other foods and busy taking photographs of the food and when we finally started tasting the food, the food had already turned cold and caused the rice to turn hard. However, after adding the soup to the rice, it tasted much better. We even asked for an extra bowl of rice which costs an additional 50 cent to try while its still warm.
We would rate this chicken rice 6/10 stars :)


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